Interpretation & Translation Services

We are renowned experts in multilingual communication and will gladly provide support for your international meetings:

At one-on-one meetings, international congresses, conferences, symposia, sales workshops, board- and staff-meetings of multinational companies, tv-shows with world-famous stars, award ceremonies, festivals – wherever many languages are spoken and appreciated, our services as interpreters and translators have become indispensable.


Our network stretches across the globe and together we have both racked up more than 60 years of experience. We are members of the International Association of Conference Interpreters, AIIC. Our colleagues are university-trained Conference Interpreters from Germany and all over the world. Our longstanding cooperation is based on trust. 

We rely on these colleagues to interpret into the main Central European languages: German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Also, of course, into Eastern European languages: Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croat. And into Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese – and almost any other language you may need.

Your event deserves to become the success you expect

Your event is unique and precious and it certainly deserves the best possible support at all stages. We provide fair, transparent and reliable budgeting, management and invoicing. Because we do not like surprises either.

You will receive from us a comprehensive, clearly structured cost estimate showing the daily rates for interpreters and the calculation of our management fee. We will gladly assist you.

It is our goal to have your participants return home with a wealth of information while remembering your event as an enriching experience.



By the way: Using interpreters is an investment into the most effective form of multilingual communication - through the human voice.

Interpretation Modes

Simultaneous Interpretation is the most frequently used mode. The speech is instantly – i.e. simultaneously – interpreted into one or more languages. The interpreters work from booths. Simultaneous interpretation is by far the most efficient mode of multilingual communication at international gatherings.

Consecutive Interpretation means to interpret a speech or address wholly or by paragraphs based on the notes taken by the interpreter while it was delivered. This mode is generally selected for diplomatic and formal settings.

During Liaison Interpreting the interpreter will resort to a mix of whispered simultaneous and consecutive interpretation while sitting at the conference-table with the participants. This mode is often chosen for interactive negotiations in small bilingual groups. In spite of this possibility, we recommend simultaneous interpretation for this kind of setting as well.


We will gladly help you select the most efficient mode of interpretation for the type of event you have in mind. Just send us an email or fill in the contact-form.

Technical Equipment

Multilingual events require the adequate hardware: Booths, microphones, headsets. We will gladly assist  you in selecting the best solution.


We apply the same professional standards to written translations like your conference papers, business reports, press releases, marketing and PR-documents.